Friday, June 22, 2012

BLACK PANTHER by Jason Reeves and Luis Guerrero

Jason Reeves and Luis Guerrero
Original illustration by Keith Pollard and Joe Rubinstein


  1. Wow, a real redesign there (or is it a permutation of the costume I've never seen before?). All said, I prefer the classic look, but it'd be cool to see Luis' design as a precursor Black Panther, building the character's legacy.

  2. I'm happy to see more redesigns going on. Seeing a classic costume in a different style is great, but hundreds of artists of varying styles have already tackled that problem. Seeing new takes is really what gets me. For the ones I'm entering at least, I'm totally going the redesign route, and I'm going to have a blast doing it.

  3. I think the black material on his legs should have covered his feet while keeping the claed toes and the same with the arms covering the clawed hands keeping the claws. It adds the mystique of the Panther more than exposing the flesh and keeps you guessing whether T'challa is some werecat

  4. Cool reimagining! I like the metal mask, the hair, the colors, the shadowing... pretty much a great from-scratch. I DO like the classic look, but this took a creative new perspective.


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