Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIAMONDBACK by Rusty Shackles

Rusty Shackles
Original illustration by Paul Neary and Joe Rubinstein


  1. Where are the comments?............... Rusty, this is a FANTASTIC redesign, I love the diamond patterns you've integrated throughout the costume, great job!

  2. Oh wow, thanks Dusty! I guess they used 'em all up on the She-Hulk I had done. Truly flattered sir.

  3. Oh no....I think I love this even more than She-Hulk. Beautiful work.
    If you drew a series on Diamondback....I'd read it.

    Dave Cockrum would be proud of that new outfit!

  4. I love this redesign. The only thing I'm leary about are the sleeves. They look great, but don't seem very practical. Diamondback throws her diamond-weapons, and loosely draped sleeves would seem to get in the way. Also, what's holding them up? Is there elastic at the top?
    The boots, though, are absolutely great, and I love the belt.

  5. a mixture of "chinese hidden dart method" and "because, comics" are my excuses on both accounts. :D

  6. Another awesome redesign. Wish you did more entries.


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