Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MANDRILL by Calamity Jon Morris

Calamity Jon Morris
Original illustration by Rudy Nebres and Joe Rubinstein


  1. Ditto...
    It's hard to get away with a costume like that...but Mandy somehow manages to pull it off.

  2. It would be so strange if he went by his real name, Jerome Beechman!
    Defenders Beware! JEROME BEECHMAN STRIKES!

  3. Another great one Jon, I love your picks, can hardly wait to see your takes on some of the aliens you got, i'm thinking about asking for 4 of those myself!

  4. This is so fantastic.
    I want to run around the zoo with Mandrill.

    Enslaving all you humans and making your women love us.

  5. Kyle, you have somehow turned Mandrill into a wonderful dream. Let's form a gang.

  6. nice! you ever see creepshow? this reminds me of the creature in the crate.


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